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Originally Posted by zx10guy
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Yea.....Mass predictably has almost 7x the violent crime we have just across the border in NH....nothing to see here....move along

That stunt your AG pulled recently is bullshit.....who knew the AG could rewrite legislation.....

For others not familiar with the special level or retardedness that mass has......if you dont have a mass firearms license and you're found in the possession of something as simple as a component of a single piece of ammunition (brass, projectile/etc) you are guilty of a FELONY
DC has that special level of retardedness. Full retard in fact. A buddy of mine was in DC for a meeting at a Federal building. He went through security screening and was asked if the bag was his and if they can inspect it further. He said no problem. The guards pull out a loaded 9mm mag for one of his hand guns. He was shocked and forgot to pull it out of his bag from being at the range the day before. He figured no big deal as he didn't have any gun that mag could have been loaded into with him. The guard asked for him to step aside and the ahole calls DC Metro PD. DC Metro PD arrives and arrests my buddy. The charge....possession of UNREGISTERED ammo. How the hell do you register ammo?

So my buddy got to spend the night in jail. Mind you he's never been arrested or had any run ins with law enforcement. To add to the nightmare, the prosecutor pushes forward to have a trial. Again, my buddy has no record what so ever yet the prosecutor pushes for a full hearing. Meanwhile, the Federal government officials my buddy was supposed to meet have written letters to DC requesting the charges to be dropped vouching for his character. Nope. Full speed ahead to a court trial. I forgot how much money my buddy spends about it was around $12-20k in attorney's fees and when the hearing finally happens, the judge drops the charges.

I told my buddy he should contact the NRA about this and see if the NRA on his behalf would turn around and sue DC. But he just wanted this whole mess to go away.

ETA: The charge of having unregistered ammo is a felony charge.
DC is retarded for many reasons... way before even this story

One drive through the city and surrounding areas shows the level of corruption there... some of the highest taxes in the nation, roads that are falling apart, police on every corner wanting to catch people for going 1 mph over, tolls that are sky high, traffic... no seriously, triple fuck that area. ( i lived there)