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Originally Posted by uberschnell View Post
Yes, but while holding his nose, like many dem voters did
I know we ALL were put in a difficult position in this election cycle. I think most were not enamored with the decisions put before us on both sides. I think it would have been really interesting if Bernie had made the nomination. But the DNC did not want that to happen apparently, and that is not a democracy of by the people for the people....., more of a "its my turn get out of my way". This is my opinion, and only my opinion, I think I have that right to that opinion as we all do, and I fought for this right 25 or so years ago.

When Obama was elected, he was not my choice, but you know what, I backed him, because he was the elected President according to the Constitution. I wanted him to succeed, it's in our best interest. I did not agree with many of his positions, even ones that did not personally affect me, like Obamacare, but I know people who it did affect in a negative way with dramatic increases in health care and they could not keep their plans as advertised. Still, I respected his position, was he honest in advertising this policy? I don't know. What I do know is that we need to come together and let the past be the past.

We will survive as a people and a nation, no one person can bring us down.

My .02