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I have limited knowledge, but am working on bulking now. 140 wanting to reach 165 <-----long term goal. My metabolism is so insane it's going to take a while.

Protein Protein Protein. Eat at least 6 times a day. Drink water and give up all soft drinks. When you decide to cut, that's when you may want to give up beer.

Oatmeal is a great way to start the day. I put cinnamon and sugar free syrup in mine. Mrs. Buttersworth owns all sugar free syrup. Even mix in a little protein powder for the hell of it.

Minimize your sugar and salt intake to as little as possible.

Bulking you also want calories. But for your goal of 5 pounds you probably shouldn't attempt to add too many calories.

It gets old, but it's good for you, eat chicken(grilled/baked). I have eaten chicken everyday for almost a year now.

Eat fish, and steaks as well. And I can't stress vegetables and fruit. They contain all the essentials. I tend to go for broccoli and squash/zuchinni usually. Raw is better as cooking takes out about 30% of the nutrients. But I'm not a huge fan of raw veggies. So I steam my broc on the stove, and steam my squash on the grill.

The biggest thing is that you may not notice any overall difference in how you feel at first. That first time you HAVE to go an extended time without hitting the gym and not eating the healthy food is when you notice how vital it is. And just how big of a good change it is to eat right.

Also make sure to take a multi-vitamin. I was taking Centrum, but after reading up just swtiched to One-A-Day Men's. Holy crap, I've noticed a difference in how I feel. It's really crazy.

Just mix up your foods though. My typical day is like this:

-Protein Shake

-Snack of mixed nuts. Walnuts/Sunflower Seeds/Peanuts
Note: Walnuts are probably the best overall nut you can eat.

-one chicken breast (sometimes wrapped in a whole wheat pita)
-fruit or veggie

-More snack of mixed nuts

-one chicken breast
-fruit or veggie


-Protein Shake
-Hardy carb filled meal. Lately it's been spaghetti with tomato sause with ground chuck I cooked.

-I usually have a snack of something. i.e.-cheese or yogurt.

Oh yea, only use mustard for your burger. No mayo!

Good luck man. Remember everyones different so you have to sort of play around with foods.