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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Sorry to hijack but I was going to start a similar thread tonight, anyways....

I've always been an athletic guy and even though I haven't worked out on a normal basis for 3 years you wouldn't know until I took off my shirt. I'm 6'4'', 220lb. I want to get back into it cuz I'm starting to feel lazy and I'm getting married in August and want to look good for the pictures and the honeymoon.

Anyways couple questions....

-When is the best time to work out? I'm planning on doing the wake up at 6am and go. Maybe throw in a little time on the elepitical at home later in the evening. I don't have the time to dedicate 1-1.5 hours later a majority of the week which is why I'm leaning towards mornings.

-What is a good protein shake? I never really drank that stuff but my good friend always has and it seems to work for him. Which is a good tasting one, one you wouldn't mind drinking even if you didn't have to.

-Should I get back into taking creatine? Used the stuff before but it seems to have lost its appeal since I never hear anyone really bring it up.

-I'm not going to officially diet. More just be conscious of what I'm eating. I've already cut back a lot of stuff in preparation and lost 10lbs doing so. I do have a vice for some occasional fast food. Due to my job and constantly being on the run it's whats convenient but I've also made the effort and cut back by dropping to smaller portions and avoiding the notorious really bad for you items on the menus.

Well any pointer would be great. Thanks and again sorry for the thread hijack.
IMO, I'd stay away from creatine. If you want creatine, eat steaks.

Check out these bb theads:

As far as protein powder/whey's, I mix up the brands I use. These are what I've used thus far:
-Muscle Milk vanilla - taste good
-BSN Syntha 6 vanilla - also good
-Champion Nutrition Banana Creme - good
-Labrada V60 - didn't like it. I use to use his Lean Body and it was great though.

Stay way from GNC. They suck and try and force sell you products.

You really have to play around with the powders. Some may upset your stomach or give you excess gas. lol But I don't advise taking these as a "meal". I take one in the morning and one at night. Some people get extreme and do 3 or 4 a day with 4 scoops in each shake.

I work out after work. I think working out at the time it fits in to your schedule is the best time. It's a personal thing when it comes down to it. No matter what studies say.

Oh and most important with eating right is preparation. Do everything on Saturday or Sunday for the week. Separate into baggies Mon-Friday and each morning you can just grab and go. It's a bit odd at first but after a few weeks it's second hand.