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Originally Posted by Ali Shiralian View Post
You seem to have too much time on your hand. How does Trump keep you safe? By allowing citizens of Saudi Arabia to enter your country? Didn't that country have something to do with the biggest terrorist attack on your soil?

The only thing Trump is keeping safe is the tax breaks for the wealthy.

Have a great day..
Obviously safer than England and Italy, according to George.
How many attacks on American soil have been committed by Saudis since 9/11?

Maybe worry about your own safety and your one term PM. Hating trump is causing you (trump hating foreigners in general) to lose focus.
What's that behind you?


All the screaming about big bad trump. Waaaaa. He's mean. Waaaaa.
Let's watch, hopefully no country, where terrorist attacks occur. How many here since he took office?
Sometimes you need a new asshole boss to get the ship straightened out and a Lè Trumpè is coming to PM Canada. Mark my words, he or she is coming.

Kicking ISIS' butt, yet so many dont even know or care. Too busy whining about chicken shit.
Playtime is over, as are Petri dish trials with our safety and military policing.
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