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Originally Posted by Ali Shiralian View Post
I was watching him bring questioned actually while you posted this. Don't really know his back ground other than he's been with the FBI for a long time.

Gonzo I'm a liberal but DO NOT like HRC, let's get that out of the way first. Yes I'm a Canadian and voted for Trudeau because he was young, energetic and in line with most that I believe. Do I agree with everything that he does? Heck no. We also have a liberal government in Ontario and can not wait for our premier to leave office, even willing to vote PC just to get rid of her.

My problem with Trump supporters is that they see absolutely no wrong with him. This to itself is a cause for concern wether you're a liberal or conservative. This Russia connection must concern you regardless of your party affiliation. As Lindsay Graham pointed out Trump is tougher on your allies than he's on Putin.
Do you not see anything wrong with that? All these high level meetings between his campaign staff and Russian agents are for the good of the USA?

Enjoy your day...
Not all Trump supporters or the enlightened believe that he can do no wrong. That is a generalization and I thought the left finds generalizations politically incorrect and socially unacceptable. Falls right in line with this threads title. You sir, win the internet prize for the day.

Trump was the better option.