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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
Elon knows there will be competition eventually, which is why he has re-positioned the company toward the energy sector.

Tesla's automotive branch has too large a cult following to go under. I used to work regularly with Tesla and their clients...90% of them are rich nerds obsessed with their gadgets. They are not real car guys. Seriously, what car enthusiast gets excited about autonomous driving? I agree that it has its positive points, but a true car enthusiast will always want to do the driving. Elon is the modern day Steve Jobs to the Tesla cult.

I love cars but I hate driving on the streets and especially in traffic. The amount of time self driving will save for people and the traffic it reduces is invaluable. If you dont understand the point of self drive then you are either to old or just a fool.

Elon Musk makes Steve Jobs seem elemntary and unintelligent

The dude invented a hard drive with a screen, he is not that smart
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