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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Plus he stages pictures and PR events, which is a dick move.
American politicians have staged photo ops for decades. Every trip to a factory, a hospital or a disaster site is choreographed for PR purposes. The politician visits a patient, cuts a ribbon, sits on a tractor or hands out disaster relief for a couple of minutes.

Some are epic falls:

Michael Dukakis looking like a dweeb while riding a tank may have cost him the While House in 1980.

On 9/11, George W. Bush couldn't figure how to get out of reading The Pet Goat with a classroom of elementary school students without creating panic, so he sat there for seven minutes after a Secret Service agent told him "The country is under attack."

And Trump throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans who were without power and water after a hurricane made him look insensitive.