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Originally Posted by krnshinsa View Post
seriously a good multi vitamin and whey protein is all you really need. I've found that 80% is diet and 20% is working out. My metabolism is crazy also thats why I have to eat like a beast if i want to gain weight =/.
Originally Posted by krnshinsa View Post
hows your bulk progress coming along?
Very true. I think kids should be taking a multi-vitamin throughout their youth. As should adults. My mom always made sure I took a vitamin growing up, and I think that helps kids having a higher metabolism. As well as making sure they eat breakfast before school.

My bulk's going alright. It's too expensive for me to buy the amount of food I really need to cosume, but I do eat clean, and on the every 2-3 hour schedule. I started at ~140 and right now I'm ~150. 3 weeks ago while at my parents, my dad thought I weighed 155-160. My goal before cutting is 165. So progress, while slow it's there. And other people are noticing my gains, which makes me feel good, obviously. Especially since I'm doing it for myself and no one else.

At a family function on Good Friday, a few family members noticed my "growing" stomach. Which is part of the bulk cycle. A cousins husband tried to argue with me that it's next to impossible to get where you want to. Trust me I had a high metabolism and was skinny as you. He told me. I just laughed and started trying to explain to him, but he didn't want to listen and learn. So I just kept my mouth shut instead of arguing with a 50 year old man.

Originally Posted by nico335 View Post
just turned 18 in january. what would you recommend for getting bigger?
What OC said. Eat high protein diet. Chicken, fish, whole grain brown rice, beef, tuna, green vegatables, fruits. Stuff like that. If you live with your folks talk to them about it. You may be able to get them to change their diet as well.

Originally Posted by san~man View Post
You forgot deadlifts

BTW, you consider pullups and lunges mass builders? I always thought pullups were more for width and lunges for sweep rather than both being "mass builders."
I wouldn't skip on pull-ups. They are awesome for your back. Especially wide grip pull ups, palms facing away from you. Plus they are a tough exercise. I'm still not that cut, but I'm getting that "V-Shape" already.

And don't skimp on shoulders either.