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Originally Posted by nico335 View Post
just turned 18 in january. what would you recommend for getting bigger?
I'd say it depends on your genetics. I didn't really put on much size until I was about 30. Didn't matter how much I ate, how much I worked out, etc. I expected it, though, because my dad's powerlifting days came at about the same time in his life. Granted, I was already bigger than you at that age (6'3", 160), not much bigger, but bigger.

For the most part, my 20s were all plateau until about 28 and then I got up around 205. At my biggest (~31), I weighed 235. I put on huge amounts of weight with creatine and a few protein shakes a day then - probably still could put on 20 lbs in a month or so if I wanted to. Nowadays, I'm not really lifting for size or strength, just trying to stay in shape. I've been trying to lose weight and have lost 25 lbs in the past three or four months and managed to gain strength. So now I'm down to 195, but I'm just as strong as when I weighed 235. Go figure.

So, don't rush it. For some it's just not in the cards. Others, like me, just had to wait awhile. I'd say your genetics has more to do with it than supplements. Just my $.02 based on my experience. YMMV.