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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
No, but whiney bitches trying to destroy the country from within are gonna get some.
What are they going to get?

And I do agree this is a historic event. The problem is, Putin a Little Kim have been playing Trump like a fiddle, and this could be just one more case where this is happening again. Remember, there is no free press in NK. Kim controls it all. So he is going to spin this entirely to HIS benefit exactly how he wants it...just as he has been doing to his people all along.

As for Trump, how many times have we heard of his great successes with Kim before? All to have been pretty much failures. You can't trust Trump one bit, nor anything he says, because he is self-serving and a pathological liar.

I do really hope something good comes from this. I am just really skeptical because of the track record of the players involved.