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How is this new though? Pound for pound, the C7 Corvette already destroys these cars too. I don't think the performance aspect of the C8 was ever going to be in question.

I'm just wondering how I feel about the looks. Will wait until I see it in person. But under 3s to 60 for a car of this category is just silly. Well done!
you're right its still the same basic corvette formula. But the big take away now is that its mid engine, which is superior in pretty much every way to a front engine layout. This car will have much more mechanical traction at low and high speeds, better braking, etc. Probably a much sharper turn in too.

The closest competitor would be the cayman. But at this price all you're getting is minimal options and a 4 cylinder with 300hp.

aside from the cayman the only mid engine options were from Ferrari, lambo, McLaren. Now you can get a new $60k LS based car with it. Guarantee people will be doing prochargers and bolt ons within the first year and getting to 800hp+ easily with good reliability.

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