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What about all those low prices you pay for the product/services (Ex, Food, Housing, Restaurants, etc) as well as the variety provided by illegal labor? When illegals went home of the recession of 2008 many crops went to rot due to the lack of "indigenous" labor willing to work the fields. Builders have had a hellva time finding framers and such.

Prices would surely be higher but it's difficult to quantify.
So that is what it is all about for you? Cheap labor at any cost? We harvest crawfish in Louisiana and pay for our workers to come with visas... It is seasonal work... They come, they work and go back... It is called offer and demand... As far as the prices at restaurants? Why do we have to keep low wages to support illegal immigration? So you can have your 3$ burger and 50$ a night nasty room? I'd rather pay 150$/night and employ American with decent wages... but it is just me... You can not afford 150$/night? work harder or change profession... But again, just my $0.02... Thank you for your opinion... This one is just mine...
The discussion is whether they're a net drain on the economy. You're making altruistic point.
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