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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
* Cancellation of student loan debt for every single American up to $50K.
Since the fed backs the loans I guess this is doable. I'm ambivalent; I see it as a vote getting gambit. People freely signed up for those loans, for better or worse.

My granddaughters are heading to college now and despite them, their parents, and us all saving up funds since they were babies, they're facing significant shortfalls between what they got and what they need. But I don't think the fix is to go into debt and pray that the gummint will bail them out; I think the fix is to bring "higher education" costs back to earth.

The free college thing is interesting. Every kid in California used to have access to free college. Here in PA the state schools were pretty darned cheap for residents. NYC had free college too. What happened was that the cost of college went crazy and therefore those bennies got cut.

I'm good with continuing to walk away from coal as a power source. Not to the point of criminalizing it, that's stupid.

Moving gun laws to the federal level is a non starter and she knows it. All that gun stuff is pandering to the base. I have to say though that 6 rounds seems sufficient for most of the reasons people come up with for carrying personal firearms. It's fun to crack off 20 or 30 rounds at a range but how necessary is it really out there in the world.