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Originally Posted by JohnnyCanuck View Post
Actually, I am well aware of the perceived reputation of the 9th Circuit. If you want to make that point, use cases where they have been overturned with criticism, Instead, you quote a news article to call them stupid when, on a neutral read, there is nothing wrong with the decision.

You didn't read the decision and don't know whether they were right or wrong, smart or stupid. You found a news article that fit your world view and used to post a new topic that made you thump your chest with pride ... good for you. Now read the f*ing case.

Oh. and by the way. the 9th is overturned less than the 6th (Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee) and 11th (Alabama, Florida, Georgia) and virtually tied with the 3rd (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) ... and the number of cases actually overturned is less than 1% (2015 - 8 overturned cases out of 12000 filed).