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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
And why do you think it suddenly skyrocketed like that?

Couldn't have anything to do with the federal government coming in and underwriting student loans where no matter what the university charges, the student can get a loan for, could it?

Naw, couldn't be that.

Wouldn't happen to be anything like the mortgage crisis from a few years ago, where home prices skyrocketed because nearly anyone could get a home loan, since so many were being federally subsidized by fanny mae and freddy mac? Naw - it's certainly not the exact same thing. What was I thinking?

Couldn't be that anytime the federal government gets involved and artificially inflates demand for something that the supply side has runaway inflation? Couldn't be the exact economic theory that Hayek, Friedman, and Tocqueville have described countless times?

Naw - couldn't be anything like what I mentioned. I'm sure it's only because of greedy university presidents and that if the federal government gets involved, they will make it all better. Yeah, that will certainly work.

Where did I make any claims at all about the "why"? Neither did I advocate for yet more .gov intervention into the system.

If you don't feel like addressing what I actually said, you probably shouldn't quote my post. And if you're going to condescend to me like I'm a child, at least make it about things I've actually said or advocated for.

I don't really care about the why, at this point - that train has left the station. I care about recognizing the problem and fixing it.