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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
Where did I make any claims at all about the "why"? Neither did I advocate for yet more .gov intervention into the system.

If you don't feel like addressing what I actually said, you probably shouldn't quote my post. And if you're going to condescend to me like I'm a child, at least make it about things I've actually said or advocated for.

I don't really care about the why, at this point - that train has left the station. I care about recognizing the problem and fixing it.

Relax, dude - tone is sometimes a struggle to grasp via internet text. I was being tongue in cheek - I wasn't trying to be condescending to you - I like and respect you.

Read my post again as if I was smiling while saying it and see if that helps. I don't think you are against anything that I am saying.

I was simply speaking to the masses with respect to your post - that the way to solve it could be many - but government intervention is MOST CERTAINLY NOT the way - and nearly never is.

The easiest solution would be to make getting student loans just as difficult as any other uncollateralized loan. That would reduce demand substantially, which in tern would solve two issues. (1) It would force colleges to lower prices to keep up enrollment figures and (2) less people would go to college and that would increase the worth of the degrees in general.
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