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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post
So incredibly tragic; I was mowing lawns on Saturday and checked my phone and it was posted on the front page of breaks my heart to see this immediately begin running through the checklist in your head of how far motorsport safety has come (I'm 67 and remember the ugly period in F1 during Sir Jackie Stewart's reign)....and you check off the unbelievable integrity of the survival cell they sit in, and how much design and controlled impact testing occurs to the CF monocoque, the fuel cell, the crumble and energy absorption zones on the car, the halo, the foam collar around the cockpit, the lowering of the driver deep into the car with uber-minimal amounts of driver exposed, etc....etc....etc....) and then you see this....a car has slowed significantly off the racing line....another car is out of control and off the racing line (I'm estimating the car that hit Anthoine was traveling appx 125-150 mph faster) level(s) of FIA mandated safety can overcome the math of this type of impact)....after telling my wife of this loss, I seemed sureal to return to lawn mowing, knowing the unbelievable loss that the Hubert family was walking into.

This horrific impact of a car nearly stopped and another car traveling at near race speed reminded me of the Alex Zanardi incident in Indy Car, when he came out of the pits and spun on cold tires at a high speed oval in Germany....he was stopped, sideways to the track in the racing line, when another car hit Alex at about the steering wheel area in the sheared the car entirely off, with Alex's legs still in the sheared off footwell front of the car....again, no safety precaution can prevent this type of shunt.

I grieve for the family and the racing community, and for us, fellow motorsport fans that love this sport and call it our own.
I agree !
The cause was Eau Rouge . Coming out of La Source , a long straight downhill at 300/320 + km/h , with the sight of Eau Rouge in front of you is insane ! Eau Rouge is actually a long downhill turn to a right uphill at full throttle and still at 300 + km/h and losing control there is ......what we saw .
Eau Rouge is actually the most dangerous situation of all the circuits in the world .At that speed it's actually looking for danger .
But yeah it's a race . And racing is all about speed . But it's when things and situations go wrong in a place like Eau Rouge .

Was there more than once .Honestly , Eau Rouge scared the shi* out of me .
RIP Anthoine
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