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Originally Posted by yco View Post
Max's move was a dive and didnt work out.. considering the speeds on that corner he seen a chance and went for it.. to get the bigger prize out of that corner.. he wasnt sliding or anything, just ran out of space.. it wasnt like Sato's kamikaze dives.. cause RB's pace wasnt good all weekend long and he tried his luck.. i see it as a racing incident not like old Max move.. only Kimi became a victim there which is bad of course.. and continuing after the damage is pretty normal especially right after the start.. with all that adrenalin + he was going straight and he was checking and seeing something was lose on the front tires.. lets remember that drivers can only see the top of the tires.. on camera it was more clear.. but its obvious that he wasnt expecting to 100% going straight to the tire wall as well.. yes he got away with it and no big crash occurred over there..

i only get 2 big lessons out of this weekend.. cars are really fast these days.. and they re safe.. but they re safe if they crash in solo to barriers.. when they hit each other, drivers become like a bug in a can.. their body cant handle it.. 30-40 years ago it was the same but now its even worse.. to avoid such collisions, we need more room on track, especially in fast parts.. Eau Rouge is one of a kind corner but the run off area is way too small for those speeds.. its like that for many years.. yes there are a lot tree around there but i believe the run off area needs to expand at least 200% on the outside and at least half on the inside.. Hubert d probably live if that run off area were 2-3 times bigger.. and again lesson learnt after a loss.. otherwise Formula 1 active track safety is better than ever.. flags are working well, each track crew seems getting informed fast and clear.. race red flagged after the crash in 1-2 seconds.. it wasnt like this before.. and something needs to be done for driver's feet also.. they re all loose in case of a crash.. maybe a belt system that integrated, or some composites around the tunnel to soften the impact at least a little..
He couldn’t pass Kimi or those similar lesser cars in a few laps after the corner? Better to have another top 5 than a DNF by trying that move.

MV continuing after the incident is indefensible. You can see in the in car camera shot how bad the left wheel was shaking immediately after the first corner incident. If viewers can see it in camera you can damn well be sure MV could feel it in the car. You can also see him a few seconds later sawing the steering wheel back and forth with almost no corresponding movement to the car. Yet he keeps continuing until it breaks.

He fucked up bad and you can tell by his later interviews that he knows it. Hopefully he learns from it from here on out. He and others got extremely lucky it wasn’t much worse from his actions. If he cleans this up he will most likely become a F1 champion in the near future IMO.

FIA not penalizing him is embarrassing/dangerous to the sport as well IMO. Had it been any other driver aside form the other top 4 they would have been penalized.