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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post
The information presented in the holistic view of runoff areas states asphalt provides superior vehicle slowdown capabilities and suggests mandatory return routes to negotiate bollards at selected corners is the preferred method.

Gravel is still considered a non-preferred method.
I'm curios why more circuits dont employ a similar approach to what Paul Ricard does. The painted run off area was made to have two different levels of abrasiveness. Drivers seemed to do their best to keep off of it. I'd have thought a solution like that would be a nice middle ground between gravel traps and normal, smooth run off's.

The only downside I can see to that solution would be that the tire's are permanently damaged to an extent. So whereas the current rule of passing to a side of the bollard penalizes a driver temporarily, damaged tires penalize a drive more permanently. But if the issue is to make sure driver's don't get over-ambitious with speed or a pass into the corner, I'm sure this would be a good deterrent