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Originally Posted by unluky View Post
First car I ever bought for myself with my own money was a 69 Dodge Charger factory 383 car. Loved that damn car - so much fun. Sold it for what I bought it for - $1,100. Can you imagine if I had that today what it would be worth? That would have been maybe 1988-89.

I had a good buddy who's father was a mopar nut and only NICE ones. Had 4 sheds built to house them all. Plum Crazy factory 6 pack challenger - mint. Factory Road Runner Hemi car mint. 69 Dodge Charger factory 383 car with a factory power moon roof - never saw another one in person in my life. So many nice old Mopars - it was like candy land to walk through there.
That would be a site to see, I never even knew a moon roof was an option on B Body chargers

My Dad and I are fixing up his old 70 Chargers, so much body work