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That would be a site to see, I never even knew a moon roof was an option on B Body chargers

My Dad and I are fixing up his old 70 Chargers, so much body work
Me either - first power moonroof I ever saw on ANY car that old. It was even covered in the vinyl like all the tops were!

They are super rare apparently:

He still wishes he had one. His son (my friend) actually had one of my favorite cars of theirs - a 440 coronet in that pale yellow with black accents and the black rally wheels. The combo just worked. It was not as valuable as the others that rarely saw the light of day, so he drove it all the time. B&M quicksilver shifter was about the only interior mod and it just looked perfect in there.

Yes - that chargers are worth so much as they seem to roll off the line with body cancer! Mine has a bad rear valance (as they all did) that I fixed with my limited funds. The rear quarters had the lower rot starting that I could never afford to fix, but even rusted hunks bring big $ nowdays. I should have stowed it away.

I have a good friend who got married 5 years ago and his father in law bought one the year he was married in 1968 and still owns it today. It is in pretty good shape too. He always says "oh, I can;t get rid of it, but it's probably not worth much....." I tell him he has not been looking then. As clean as it is it could bring some decent coin even with it being an R/T or Hemi.

Love those old B bodies.
I love those stories. Fortunately we haven't had much rust being in a fairly dry climate. They were both his daily drivers when he was in high school in the 80s so its got its fair share of small dents he's fixed up over the years. Parties, parking lots, hooning around, all that fun stuff.

For the shell we're working on now.. 440 Tribute (stock 318)
Rear valence, trunk floor pan, passenger quarter panel, drivers side fender has all been replaced, and widened up the wheel tubs in the rear. Hours and hours just in putting in and knocking down body filler. Project is at a halt as we save up for a set of TTI Headers