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Originally Posted by fricks View Post
Bought a 13 GTR with >1000 miles from a large ebay dealer site unseen. Car had clean carfax. Had it in the shop for some performance work done and noticed some over spray on the rear behind the bumper which I thought was interesting. Probably got bumped from behind and had it repaired without saying anything.

60K miles later went to sell it and the carfax was no longer clean. Something showed up back before I bought it... It just didn't show up on the carfax report until after i purchased it.

Never had any issues with the car though besides loosing some $ on the resale. Can't say for sure if the dealer knew about it or not but just something to keep in mind.
As you know not all repair shops do business with Carfax. When they come aboard they may report past jobs retroactively. You can buy a car now and 2 years later you see it was frame damaged making it virtually worthless. All in all Carfax is a crapshoot. Any sort of prior damage can destroy car resale value specially high end ones M or AMG. And there is no way insurance company compensate you for the full diminished value.