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Originally Posted by Triple Seven View Post
I haven't followed professional Motorsports, which is why I didn't want to post in this forum. I posted this on an old thread, in different forum. Mod made it into a new thread here lol. All good.

Any other good docs or recommend videos, or old races to learn more about him?
Back in early 90ís an entity named DUKE video sold an excellent VHS named AYRTON SENNA RACING IS IN MY BLOOD.

There is also a book PRINCIPLES OF RACE CAR DRIVING AYRTON SENNA Itís a cookie cutter book (Alain Prost has a similar) but the pictures and diet / exercise chapters are good.

Also google Eddie Irvine on AYRTON Senna. I think itís hard to comprehend how wicked crazy, simply nuts and intense these drivers were & are.

The Christopher Hilton books on senna Hard Edge of Genius 1990, the editions before he died are the best biographies on him.

There are the 1990 Monaco YouTube videos 1984 Monaco videos. Donington U.K.
1993 in a lesser engines car.

Itís Sennaís qualifying laps which are the wildest.