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I have purchased three vehicles where most of the process took place online. One new Mazda and two Hondas, one new and one used.

The Mazda was through the Internet/Fleet manager, had the price and car selected along with most of the paperwork done before I even walked in. Took the car for a drive, signed some paperwork and was on my way. I ended up using a dealer 4 hours from where I lived because they gave me a great deal.

The new Honda was not as smooth. Same story, dealt with the Internet manager, but had a vacation start before I could pick the car up, which put me dealing with a regular salesman. They tried a bunch of the standard sales crap on me, causing me to almost walk out before they finished the paperwork. Only reason I stayed was the color of the car was the one my wife really wanted.

Third one was a Certified Honda Odyssey. It was a very smooth process, did most of the negotiation through email and then went to the dealer to finish the deal. We had looked at several so we knew what we were looking for.

I would recommend it for new car or certified used purchases, since the vehicle carries a factory/manufacturer warranty. I don't think I would do it for a used car unless the dealer was local to me.