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Originally Posted by ShocknAwe View Post
I've purchased the last 3 cars from distance dealers via net/phone. Arranged transport or flew in and picked them up in person. They took care of virtual walk-around, PPI. I never finance with the dealer. Deposit/hold with credit card, then send a check with the stipulation that the check is void if the vehicle was misrepresented in any way.

CC protects your deposit. Easy.

Then again. I'm usually purchasing enthusiast or cars with odd options combinations which are tough to find. If I didn't care, I'd try to buy local.
Same here. But the last 3 I purchased like that were Corvettes from private sellers.

I always look at the forums of any "enthusiast cars" first. Like a lot of BMW owners, most Corvette owners that have owned a few tend to have low mileage, garage kept cars with a binder full of records. And I always looked for models that were stock with no mods done.
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