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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Because Scheer is a complete disaster. With all Trudeau's faults the conservative party is so pathetic they couldn't take the election.
It’s difficult with the media on board with the liberals.
Every opportunity is used to promote racism, misogyny and hate within the conservative ranks while anything any liberal does is met with apologetic misunderstanding!

The CBC actually compared “black face” as the sand level as disgust as Scheer being born in the US on election night!

Trudeau is pandering to leftist ideals on a world stage for his next job with the UN. Even though the Canadian forests absorb 3x the “poison” of CO2 we produce, the EU has its boy in Ottawa creating a competition advantage for the Europeans, who happen to have no oil, no gas and already decimated their forests, but need us to buy windmills and solar panels.

The business and conservative side of Canadian politics will be in power, because socialized optics isn’t a plan, never was.

Ontario gets to embrace a “carbon tax” even though it’s 85% green energy, which compared to Germany’s 30% coal burning, is a joke.

It’s a world class guilt trip that Trudeau will lead us into recession.