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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
This will do me. Man, words fail me. We're taking the bible for guidance now?
I take guidance from the Bible in nearly everything I do. I am a practicing Christian and take my faith seriously.

If you are not a Christian, then you are welcome to take or not take advice from the Bible. I won't criticize you over it - but I expect the same respect for my views in return. Christian or not, however, it is hard to argue with the statement I quoted - agreed? The borrower is slave to the lender until the debt is repaid.

Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
This is one of the all time great myths. It's 100% not true. People just want more shit.
This is 100% accurate. On nearly ever metric, things cost less today than ever in history. It's the 'more' factor that people ignore.

Homes are larger, cars have more equipment, etc.
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