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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
The intake tract was my first response I wrote as an answer, but then changed it; but it's sort of tied with the electrical layout/layout of the engine compartment. When I looked at the then new Cadillac ATS, the engine compartment layout is quite nice and tidy. Modern turbo BMWs are hideous.

In the past 15 years, the Ford GT is my favorite car. I seriously looked at buying one when they came out in '05/'06, but the financial situation would have taxed me too much. I thought I'd pick one up a few years later for half price (it being a Ford and all). Boy, was I wrong on that
I think my love affair with intake manifolds started with the Corvette's 5.7 L tuned port injection intake runners. Damn I loved seeing those, and the top of the tires when the whole hood came up.

And yes, we all missed the boat on those original Ford GT"s. I know a guy that has made himself a millionaire on literally nothing but buying and selling Ford GT's.
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