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Originally Posted by pennsiveguy View Post
The other piece of this is, before lap & shoulder belts and wall-to-wall airbags, you knew that in even a minor car accident you were going to get the fuck beat out of you from rattling around in that car, bouncing off all those hard metal and glass surfaces. This had a positive affect on concentration; conversely, some of those who refused to focus got taken out of the gene pool via sudden deceleration. No such mechanism exists nowadays, and the overall level of driving skill is the worse for it.
Rather than trying to place blame on the cars nowadays for bad driving, why not place the blame where it belongs? The dumbos behind the wheel who, 99% of the time, are too busy texting their friends to be bothered by paying attention to the road. Imagine if we had extremely high fines for using your phone behind the wheel, and even starting revoking licenses, how much safer the roads would be. $250 fine for first offense, $500 next time, onward and upward. Would be a whole lot of extra tax money for the state to use for whatever they want, and would cut down on accidents. Every. Single. Morning on my way to work, I pass at least 4 collisions, of which 99% are people being rear ended. No excuse to not seeing someone in front of you stopping, unless you're not paying attention.