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So should we get rid of all adaptive cruise controls since some people seem to take advantage of the technology? These same accidents happened before Tesla even existed.

The problem is that no one is educating the drivers on how to use the technology. Even if he was looking at the road, he probably would have expected the car would stop, as most people do. But it specifically says in the manual of every car with adaptive cruise control that the car will not brake in that situation.
Two thoughts, probably OT.

One, our driver education and license testing programs are a joke. Parents get sick of driving their kids around and insist on the kid getting a "rubber stamped" license at (in my state) age 16. This way Dad doesn't have to pick Junior up from soccer practice anymore, and can instead go to happy hour and flirt with the busty new coworker he's been ogling. And the rest of us suffer for the shoddy product. As someone without kids, I find this to be a major "fuck you" to me as a taxpayer. They're using my tax dollars to pay for the driver education and they're turning out a bunch of shitty "car steerers" who can't drive their way out of an empty Walmart parking lot without ending up greasy-side-up atop the cart corral.

And two, cars today are too goddamed easy to drive; the unfortunate side effect is that it's way too easy to let your attention lapse and your situational awareness go to 0%. Back when everything had a manual transmission and there was no power assist on anything, operating the car required 100% concentration. Distraction wasn't an option. This forced drivers to focus on - horror of horrors - driving.

There are always 2 sides to the story. Younger generations are not that crazy about driving and car ownership in general. That was a
Big deal for us old timers to get the license and
Keys at 15.
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