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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
I mean, drivers should have to have a CDL to operate a gigantic RV, but we all know that isn't going to happen either. That scares me more than some cucumber letting his car drive semi-autonomously.
That's a peeve of mine too. It's usually an old duffer who never drove anything bigger than a Buick Lesabre his whole life, and he couldn't even keep that thing out of the body shop for a whole year.

My old dentist did the "RV lifestyle" switch-aroo when he retired. Sold his practice to his daughter and bought a beautiful 40-something-foot diesel Class A motorhome that was rumored to cost $600K. He and the wife could now "see America" after being chained to his work for 35 years. Only took him 4 months to total it. He tried to install a DIY 20-foot sunroof in it, by driving it under a 12' bridge somewhere in the Ozarks. Came home with his tail between his legs and a lot less $ in his wallet.

Here's a thought, Doc. Truck drivers don't retire and take up drilling folks' teeth as a hobby, do they? Nope. So maybe the opposite is a bad idea too, then...? Yeah, should have given that a little more time to sink in.
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