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Originally Posted by sibhusz06 View Post
Im not sure how one of the earlier posters believes the 911 is a step down in the engine dept, the cars accelerate very similarly and have similar power bands, although the 911 is down on hp it is also much lighter and it shows in every aspect.
I stand by my comment that the S65 is a more enjoyable engine than either the 9A1 or M97 found in the .1 or .2 C2/C4/C2S/C4S 997s. The Mezger engined GT3s are a different matter. Iím speaking purely about the engine itself and not the acceleration times, horsepower figures, or performance of the cars. I do like the 9A1 very much, it makes a mean noise and does have a stronger mid range than the S65. Hell, under 5k rpm my 9A1 Cayman feels equally as strong as my M3. You canít deny that the S65 is next level in terms of revving to 8.4k and producing pure music from both ends of the car. The way it pulls in the upper revs provides an experience the 911 canít, IMO. I just flat out think the S65 is a more special power plant.

As youíd said, raw performance figures are close and I do agree that driver feedback, handling, overall engagement are better on the 911.
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