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Originally Posted by yousefnjr View Post
Not saying itís a good idea, but the fact that the sleeping (or shaving, reading, etc...) guys typically arrive in one piece wherever theyíre going is a pretty good endorsement of the capabilities today, no? I honestly donít know which scares me more ó the guy sleeping with autopilot or the guy texting/speeding/DUI without autopilot
the auto pilot all day long.....I'm looking out my window right now and it's snowing, the roads are's the autopilot going to manage to stay in a lane?

The point I'm making is that the tech isn't there yet, and frankly until every car on the road is equipped with the tech I don't trust it. And I suspect as we see it getting used more we will see many more mishaps, and then who's to blame, the guy sleeping behind the wheel or the computer?