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Originally Posted by Bemo View Post
I love my 991.1GTS and E92 M3. Neither car can replace the other so it's best to own both.

The 911 is significantly lighter and has superior mechanical grip. The seats are not as comfortable, the cabin is louder as it's less insulated and the electric steering is somewhat less lively. The chassis is made of diamonds and tells you what's going on, best to have a sensitive butt.

The E92 is much more comfortable and quieter for an everyday sports car. The hydraulic steering is amazing and the deep authoritative rumble of the V8 is light years ahead of the flat six. The suspension is softer but the car is significantly heavier and easily unsettled over uneven road surfaces, not sure why.

Decide for yourself, you write the check...
I agree that the steering on the M3 is phenomenal.

Love the colors of your cars, sir.