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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
It looks like every other cookie-cutter, twin-engine "blah" Camry in the air these days. Where have the designers all run off to?????

Boring, uninspired aircraft:
It's called "aerodynamics"?

The shape lends itself almost perfectly to commercial aviation, and with increases in computing power, materials fabrication, engine design and technology, anything other than a twinjet is dead.

And, comparing military aircraft? COMPLETELY different breed of cat-- their mission requirements are radically different.

A commercial airliner needs to have good overall handling capabilities, high cruise speed with stability, good low speed approach/handling characteristics (fail on the Max!), fit within the commercial aviation ground/taxi/handling footprint, and most of all, be cost-effective and efficient.

THAT'S why they all look the same-- it's a case of "function" over "form".


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