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I don't have ownership experience but found myself in the same boat about a year ago. Drove a RRS with the V6 and it is a special vehicle to drive. Quick steering, comfortable, reasonably sporty, good interior room. I must have done 20-30 hours reading message boards, reviews, and talking to folks I know that have them. There are a few folks that have had excellent experience but there are others that have had their car in the shop for 35 days within the first year of ownership. My opinion: If you have a RR dealer close by that has a good reputation and you don't mind the hassle of it being in the shop -- all while under some variety of a warranty which should include a loaner vehicle -- then go for it. Their CPO warranty is pretty darn good. I didn't pull the trigger on a RRS because the closest dealers are about an hour away. Would have been too much hassle if I wasn't one of the lucky ones that got the RRS with excellent reliability.
Thanks. Why do you like about their CPO? It's 7 years from start of service or 100k miles right?
In my mind that's a pretty good length of time for a CPO warranty. Many manufacturers just add a year to the base warranty with a bump in mileage. But maybe I'm out of touch...