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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
Is it really bias though? He loves the car, but its not like he was forcing the car to break often, it just did.

Regarding independent mechanics, while we enthusiasts may use them, most of the general public will use dealers, thus the costs in the video reflect what most regular owners would pay if those things were to break.
Yes, I would say it was biased because there are significantly less expensive ways to repair the car, but as the goal was to get clicks for his video, he set it up to make the repairs as expensive as possible. Doug Demuro would not have been taking his RR to the dealer for repairs if he was paying out of pocket.

Originally Posted by Dlpfcb View Post
How Can anyone say there reliability is over exaggerated.
Because I own one and it simply hasn't been my experience that my Rover is any less reliable than any other Euro vehicle. I have a friend with 90k miles on a '15 RRS that hasn't had any major problems. Another friend has a current-gen Disco and has had no problems. My mechanic has an LR3 and an LR4 and has said they're his most reliable cars.

Again, I've had two BMW SUVs that required $50k in repairs to go less than 50k miles total, so it's hilarious to me when someone tells me that I should be worried about my Land Rover.

*My LR3 has been one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever owned.*

Do some research and any person can tell you that they are HORRIBLY unreliable. They consistently rank at the bottom of the list ranking them against every car brand. They are an over priced money/status symbol that has a lot of features that can be had with many other car brands with better reliability. The reason they are still in business is because its a status symbol. 95% of every range rover is a luxury SUV that will never get used in a manner thats its capable of or what it was designed to do. Personally I have 2 friends that have leased land rovers in the last 5 years. Both people filed claims due to being broken in the shops multiple times in the first 3 months after driving a brand new car off the lot. Personally I would stay away. There track record has never been good warranty or not. Its still the frustration of having a broken car.
And Porsche is consistently ranked as one of the most reliable vehicles, yet I still had to pay to have the engine replaced that one time.

I don't care if anyone else buys a RR or not, but the idea that I should be more comfortable buying a BMW with an N63 V8 over a modern RR is funny to me, regardless of what the 'ratings' say.
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