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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
Honestly thatís not very reassuring. First you have to hope the installer is still around when a leak happens because the manufacturer isnít going to cover it? Then you potentially are in a debate over what actually caused the leak. Maybe it would be less of a concern on a brand new roof and an installer who has been in business for 50 years, but I can see how messy it could get if you install on a 10 year old roof that springs a leak a few years later. Not to mention, I expect youíd need to remove and reinstall the panels to fix a leak even if the leak has nothing to do with the panel.
This is the same for any project where you work with a contractor/business in my opinion. Do you pay more for a large nationwide company that has been in business for 50+ years but has more overhead or a smaller local contractor with less overhead who will charge you less? Even then, sometimes the big guys sub out to smaller contractors but usually there is a qualification process to make sure they are using a good quality sub. Even then, it's still their name and warranty on the product. You pay more for quality, you pay more for guaranteed warranty support in 20 years.

While solar is dead simple in my opinion i would urge the average laymen, aka not a DIYer, use a large national installer and not Joe Schmoe's Solar and stuff down the street. They will be around to honor the warranty and can afford to pay to fix the issue. that being said, each product has it's own ridiculous 20-25 year warranty. Your only main concerned, in my opinion, is is the quality of the workmanship.

The age of the roof must be discussed with the home owner before the install. On commercial systems you will wrap a new roof into the deal in certain cases. There are companies who put in their contract that they will pay for compete remove and reinstall if a new roof is required at no cost to the end customer, I think SunRun and Vivent do it, probably solarshitty and others but I don't quote me. I don't deal with residential single phase, I work in Utility and large commercial.

Solar has the most insane warranties around. 20-25 years? Name me another product you can install or purchase as a home owner that you can get a 20-25 year warranty on. Dish washer? Dryer? Refrigerator? NOPE, nope, nope. You can get long warranties on roofs but that is basically it that I am aware of, also shingles just sit there not much to go wrong.

If there is a leak it is usually obvious where it comes from on a residential roof in most cases. The wood is stained.