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Originally Posted by tooloud10 View Post
Because I own one and it simply hasn't been my experience that my Rover is any less reliable than any other Euro vehicle. I have a friend with 90k miles on a '15 RRS that hasn't had any major problems. Another friend has a current-gen Disco and has had no problems. My mechanic has an LR3 and an LR4 and has said they're his most reliable cars.
You must be the only person to feel this way and have these experiences. The issue isn't so much the presence of big problems, it's ANY problem that requires service. If I have to bring my vehicle to the dealer/shop every 3 months for a simple sensors or switches, that's just as annoying as something that requires substantial work to fix. My impression of LR/RR is that typically it's the stupid stuff that the company can't do right.

I looked into the LR Disco and a Grand Cherokee last year. It was fairly obvious when I spent 30 mins in either forum that the LR was just not the safe bet. Not to say that the GC was perfect or problem free, but the problems I saw weren't things that seemed outrageous or frequent. There are a couple of weak spots in GCs like everything, but nothing like the extensive problems I saw on the forums for the Disco. No thanks.

That's not to say that there aren't LR/RR vehicles that are generally trouble free. It comes down to risk assessment. How likely is it that my LR/RR is going to see the shop more than I am comfortable with? Frankly, the odds point to being much more problematic than I am comfortable with. I mean, I could luck out and have a great vehicle. That just seems less likely to happen.

I lucked out with my corrado and M3, both notoriously problematic vehicles, so maybe I should have gone with the Disco.