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Originally Posted by mithiral67 View Post
yea, alcohol messes up both weight loss and muscle building. If you can avoid it, it will greatly increase results.

But you can drink and have a health life style if you use moderation. I have limited myself to only drinking once a week and doing my best to not drink and eat at the same time. This helps in that I dont overeat while intoxicate and prevents me from coverting both the alcohol and food into fat. (Fun fact, once alcohol hits your blood stream, your body begins storying fat, even if you're at a caloric deficit.)

If you plan to drink, dont lift weights 24hrs before hand (it inhibits protein synthisis or muscle building) and try to balance any night you're going to drink with some decent cardio that morning to balance the empty calories you're going to consume.

But always moderation. If you get completely trashed, odds are it will really mess up your metabolism and throw off your work \outs for a couple days.
I would probably be drunk from thursday to monday night, wouldn't really each much, but def. drink throught the whole weekend... im not proud of it so that's why i want to make some changes, that's why I'm on this diet and trying not to drink at all, for at least a month.

Do you know about the one day cheat you are suppose to have??? can't really find much info about it...????