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Originally Posted by anmcguire View Post
Absolutely. I know it's more difficult to do on a treadmill, so what you could do instead is go by mileage. E.g. .20 miles regular pace (say 7.5mph), followed by .10 miles at almost a sprint (9mph). This way you don't have to change settings quite so much. When I'm looking to decrease my run times I use this method and it works. Usually it's better to work on distance first, then speed. Additionally, it's usually good to take a week off after the first 2-3 weeks to allow some time for your body to heal, but it looks like you're on a tight timetable.
Ok so how about distance? Run a 7.5 for .20 and then 9.0 for 10 and so on for how many miles?

I forgot to mention that my 15:2x on the treadmill is not me running balls out. For example, I can run a 1.90 mile and then I get excited and crank the treadmill all the way up to 12.4 and sprint out the last tenth.

I have been doing:

7.5 0-.50
7.7 .50-1.5
8.0 1.5-1.75
9.0 1.75-2.00

I'm tired at the end, but I def could run 9.0 or even 9.5 from 1.75-1.90 and then do a 12.0 from 1.90-2.00 if that helps you understand my output. I am usually able to hack time off pretty easily, I think I could chop another 30 seconds off the two mile before the run but I am mainly concerned with the variables and how much they will affect. Keep in mind I only have to do it in 16:36, that's a lot of time... but I'm a worry wart too.