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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
I can't run on my toes, I get shin splints. As far as the other stuff, at this moment it's too experimental for someone in my situation right now. Besides, I can't afford to re-catch pneumonia right before the PT test by running outside and sweating outside. I'll save that for the test and hell I might even be able to do it at the sports center indoor track. I wonder if that would be a better idea, the air is dry though I hear.
That's the problem, the dry air inside will mess with your lungs. I used to cough up blood the first few days of heavy practice. I know shin splints suck but that's how you'll get faster, eventually you'll get over them. But you're right don't bust your ass so close to PT. You could try to static wall thing in your bathroom with a hot shower running, that will humidify the air and not mess up your lungs.