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Originally Posted by ibeam81 View Post
I'm all for implementing a national lottery to pick the next president. The loser (oops I meant winner) could hardly be any worse than some of the choices we have. :wink:

Actually a Clinton/Obama ticket could be interesting. Wow did I actually just write that? I'm former military and almost elgible for my AARP card, so maybe my demographic is not so close minded as some people think.
Yep wrote it...:wink:
Here's a cool design analysis from 11/18/NYT article...of the presidential candidates logos. Past & Present.

The Bush/Cheney linkage of color to a Fox News voter base might be pushing interpretation- but what the hell...good thinking.
On the other hand he (correctly) nails the Hillary font for "L's" and "I's" deliberately resembling one's.
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