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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
Actually, it has everything to do with eating more. All that having a high metabolism means is that you have a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR) so that means that you need to take in more food to make gains than most. The only way to put on any type of substancial mass/lean gains is through eating more than you require. I am also a typical hardgainer, but once I actually started tracking my cals I quickly realized that what I thought was a lot of food was in fact not so much, and for the first few weeks of bulking I needed to force feed myself before I started seeing respectable gains on the scale and in the mirror. Now, I need to trim off that excess fat that comes with trying to maximize muscle gains, but its better than busting my ass in the gym for a year with mediocre results that come from just eating when I thought I was hungry. I try to drill the idea into people's heads that without a proper diet then all the time and effort that you put in the gym is really not being capitalized on because I wasted so much time myself without proper nutrition, and this holds true across the board for whether you trying to make lean gains or shed fat.
that dude is going to be f-ed when he gets older and his test level goes down. he'll be a fat skinny guy with no muscles... I'm not suggesting not to eat clean but don't skip dessert and try to eat 5 strong meals a day + at least 1 protein shake...