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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
Hey, buddy, why don't you stop trashing stuff you know nothing about. Normal people know damn well when they're not hungry. If you can't figure it out yourself then maybe "eating" is a little too complex for you.

Also, thanks for the link to the pay site. I'll gladly waste my hard-earned money to get the "professional opinion" of "dozens of experts in the field" which will basically give me an overcomplicated diet of what equates to one simple sentence: "Eat fucken' less!"

It's no wonder that you buy into all that crap, though. It's true what they say: People are sheep. They need some "expert" to lead them around and charge them an arm & a leg to state the obvious. I'm sure if I did a few years research on taking dumps and then released a 10-step program on how to take a proper dump there would be people lining up to get it. That's how most folks are.

Personally, I don't need some egghead swindler taking my hard-earned money to tell me common fuckin' sense. Shit, if you're that desperate, find a few people who are fit, ask them what they do, compare and emulate. You'll save a lot of money and won't look like such a naive sheep.
hmmm, I never really thought of $100 as a lot of money. But if you prefer to follow your muscle wasting salad diet, go right ahead. I'll stick with the phd's advice.