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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post

I don't doubt that you know your stuff. You might have something with the oxidative rate and whatever, but what I don't agree with you on is that a serving or more of protein per meal is somehow not enough. How do you come to that conclusion and how many servings would you recommend?
Where's the physiology?

That's the thing. Your meal plan doesn't have protein at each meal. It has in protein two out of six meals. Here is your meal plan. Protein sources are bolded.

"Morning: Glass of water and a fruit smoothie (non-dairy, except yogurt if you really want some creaminess).
Mid-morning snack: Glass of water and a small salad.
Lunch: Glass of water, small salad, turkey on whole wheat sandwich with mustard.
Mid-afternoon snack: Glass of water and a small salad.
Dinner: Glass of water, small salad, grilled salmon with steamed vegetables.
After-dinner snack: Glass of water, mixed berries."

I wouldn't look at servings of protein. I would pay attention to total daily protein intake which I would put between 1.25-1.75g per pound of bodyweight dependent upon how serious the individual was about getting lean. This would be in conjunction with a calorie deficit and resistance training that would facilitate muscle preservation.