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Musk is not an engineer and he probably knows less science than average college graduate. He is a businessman, he manages company and finances and he even partially involved himself (tho later he got away from that project and sold it to other scam company that is currently pushing it to collect scam money) in a Hyperllop scam (fantasy project that is impossible to create on Earth) in order to allocate some additional investment money that he needs very much right now.
It doesn't matter if Tesla cars won't be produced in 10 years. Not much will care. What bothers me more is that EV is inevitable in one form or the other in future. And that is bad for me because
1. EV kills fun
2. EV changes current hierarchy - it may be not cool to drive Porsche anymore in 10 years, just because your neighbor soccer-mom in her middle tier EV minivan will have faster 1/4 times or 0-60 and so on

This raises a question - was it all in vein? Growing up as a kid to finally own a Porsche, Mersedes, Ferrari (put your favorite brand and model) and here you are on the road where you are considered a slow Ford Fiesta like because average EV Civic will be faster - what will be our new goals then? Does EV essentially destroys a huge automotive based culture?
Autopilot cars are another PITA. Yes they will be very convinient and for many people finally long commute will mean just another free time to rest, read or work inside a self driven car while it's getting to a destination - like you are in a train cabin. However, again, no more fun on roads, no more drifting, donuts, no more moments to accelerate, pass others or get to destination faster if you are in a hurry or emergency. Just boring GPS like drive everyday....... game over. Yes, you can say tracks are for that - but the thing is I've been at the track for that once in 3 years.... so there you have it

This is why I hate EV cars (not specifically Tesla)

Another question is that US market is only a fraction of worlds auto market. I can bet to anyone that outside of western world (NA, EU and AU) there will never be EV infrastructure good enough to support EV cars in foreseeable future - like in next 50 years. Russia, China, India, Brazil (probably that's 90% of territories and population of the world lol) will NEVER EVER (at least for the next 50-100 years) abandon internal combustion engines

As for Tesla itself - with Model 3 for $27k - it's no longer will be percieved as a luxury car maker. Brand will dilute and be like current mid-tier automakers. Porsche for example is perceived as a more prestigious brand currently and the gap will only grow with Tesla introducing Model 3

Another thing to consider is that there will never be feasible (mass produced and profitable) EV airplanes or EV trucks that US infrastructure is built upon

Finally, about fusion - forget about it for next 500 years at least