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So the former husband of Omar Khadr's sister was recently freed from captivity from with the Taliban. He and his current wife were held hostage for 5 years, she had three children while in captivity, their lineage may be up for debate since she was raped numerous times by their captors. Anyway, PM selfie couldn't help himself but to have a meeting ( read photo op) with this idiot in the Prime Ministers Office (PMO). Well , Mr. Boyle has now been arrested and charged with 15 crimes, including sexual assault, forcible confinement and administering a noxious substance to overcome resistance.

Former Deputy Commission of the RCMP and then Chief of Ottawa Police says PMO would've know......clearly Zoolander couldn't help himself anyway.

This guy is a gift that just keeps giving. If you care to send him a note here's his email address.

Here's a nice picture of Jihad Justin
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