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      03-26-2020, 10:54 AM   #89
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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
Exactly. All these assumptions just because the perception that because we make over 6 figures that we're living high on the hog. As you said, this whole thing is total crap. If they're going to send out a handout to people, they should be sending it out to everyone. This handout also ignores the fact that people who reported over 6 figures income last year could be making zero now if they're laid off due to this situation we're in.

While technically, I don't need this $1200 hand out. But if I do get laid off, I'm going to be in a huge financial hole of which I may never recover. As e90335e36m3 has astutely pointed out, there may be circumstances one is experiencing which does not mean they're not fiscally responsible in having emergency cash reserves. I myself had just gone through a divorce. My ex is well taken care of and I got screwed big time. I have already suffered financial harm due to having to liquidate investments during the drop in the market because of the divorce decree. I also have medical bills that I've been paying on along with being required to pay support and day care costs.

As was mentioned, this is another crap wealth redistribution. Same crap that happened under Obama with the idiotic stimulus checks. And when things come around and if I get out of the financial mess I'm in intact, we over $100k earners will be paying again into this crap handout.
Agreed, I am in exactly the same boat, I don't need the $1,200 at all, primarily commenting on the the underlying unfairness of having some tax payers footing the bill for others, when ALL of us are in the same boat in this particular instance. I am the only income source in my family and should I get laid off, I would still be comfortable for some time, but have the same expectation that the rest of the taxpayers have. Why should I dip into what I have earned when others do not, with the caveat that some people below $100,000 are less likely to have anything saved? Isn't that exactly how unemployment insurance works? I pay into the system, same or actually proportionally more than most people. It stands to reason that I should get at least SOME kind of benefit resulting from this bailout. The government doesn't think so, apparently, and will send me the bill later, a double whammy.

Originally Posted by Nuckle View Post
Did you read all of his post? I don't think he is nearly as pissed over not getting the money and far more pissed at not getting it and then having to pay the bill on it. That's what happens to the $100k+ and it's even worse for the $200k plus crowd.

I sat down in late January and itemized all the taxes I paid in 2019. I do not own a business. 43% of every dollar I made went to some sort of tax or the other. As a young man I always thought, if can ever make it to $x00,000 per year I will have made it! I can't tel, you how wrong I was. It seems to me that the $250k-$500k range is the most shit on in the country from a tax burden perspective. You don't make enough to pay someone to create a bunch of tax shelters for you and make too much for anyone to give a damn about you in an emergency.

As I have said in another post, I have about 6 months worth of our monthly operating cost in the bank. It wasn't the emergency fund that I wanted but it's what I have. I have always tried to plan for a major portion of my income to go away or for my wife to lose her job. I am not prepared for a drop in income of $30k per month. Maybe for a month or three but not 6 months.

I do think that things will pick up in time for me personally and regardless I will survive and figure it out. I also thinks is is shitty for some Americans to have a financial win, some to come out unscathed and then people like me come out the other side with their savings obliterated at beat and bankruptcy at worst.

I assume you are in the medical field based on how you have positioned yourself as an expert on the virus topic. You probably have no financial worries if so. I am happy for you if that is the case but I would suggest sticking to the medical side of this issue and stop trying to give financial suggestions or tell people what the should have been doing to prepare for a full shutdown of the country.
Exactly it, I'm flabbergasted when people impose their truth and morality on others without having a damn clue about the reality of their circumstances.
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